Why “corkscrew” visuals?

Our fly-throughs have been inspired by the shape of the simple cork screw – around which our dynamic virtual camera angles zoom in, circle around and zoom out, all the time maintaining and rock solid line of sight to your location.

Can the videos be viewed on a mobile device?

Yes, we create streaming video media for you that is optimized for viewing on any device, delivered through a professional distribution network anywhere on the planet with an Internet connection.

Can I customize the title shown in the video?

Yes, you can have the title be the address, your business name, your contact information, or leave it blank. Simply indicate on the order form what you would like for each, up to 40 characters.

Can I sell the movies, or sell a link to them to another party?

No, the movies are created for you or your client’s personal use only and can’t be sold, altered, or monetized and must comply with Google’s Terms of Service. Our fee is for the service of creating the videos for you / your clients.

Can I edit the movies to remove trade names?

No, all trade names and attribution are required and must not be altered in any way.